The Martini is Up – The Martini Shot

I’d like to revive my blog with a new weekly category: Set Vocabulary. I will explain set related terms that are common for us working in the Industry but not know to outsiders. Please enjoy my new series for every film maker and film enthusiast who’d lie to speak Hollywood. The Martini is up – the Martini shot:

This term is derived from the movie-making process, where it’s common for the last shot of the day to be a simple, static shot of the entire cast and crew assembled on set. This “wrap shot” is often used as a way to officially end the day’s filming.

So, in the context of filmmaking, the martini shot is the last shot of the day. But in the context of drinking, the martini shot is simply the last shot of the night.It is the last shot of the day, typically a wide establishing shot of the location, and is used to mark the end of production. The shot was so named because “the next shot is out of a glass”, which refers to a post-wrap drink.

Enjoying Martinis vs Christopher R. Martini

There are many myths around the term. Some believe it is actually the happy hour after a long filming day, others say the “Martini shot” goes back to a crew member called Cody Whitehouse who was also known as Christopher R. Martini. He refered to the last shot of the day as a “glass shot” or “window shot”. What ever the true origin in the term is, I prefer the more romantic party-heavy legend. After a long day on a film set, some socializing with some cool drinks, can be nice.

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