Headshots are the business card of every actor, so you have to chose the photographer that is right for you. Actress Rebekka Mueller works with a variety of photographers from all over the world.  She loves Alexandra Maria Sira’s style. As well as Alexander Grosse-Strangmann’s art. Manolo Ty from Berlin however is very artistic and the go to if you want a photo gallery style.

In the US the actress takes her headshots by photographers like David Muller and Kenneth Dolin, because they are top notch. She also favors Michael Roud Photography, who is like Actor’s Choice Photography, among the best.

Another question every actor should ask themselves is: Where  should I print the headshot.  Going into an audition or meeting a casting agent with a proper print-out is still not acceptable. So going to your headshot print shop is okay. Therefore, actress Rebekka Mueller likes to go to Henry Printing in Hollywood, because they meet her high standards in quality and speed.

But how should a professional headshot be like?  First of all, you should have a theatrical and a commercial headshot, because casting directors are looking out for different criteria. While the commercial headshot is about the perfect Hollywood smile, the theatrical is more serious. The theatrical headshot showcases your type and your talent.  There are mixed views on whether one good look or several looks should be uploaded on casting sites. But the professional photo decides in the end. 

A fast snap with your phone camera might book you a role but in most of the cases it makes you look unprofessional.  A professional headshot photographer can be very expensive in Los Angeles or New York, so choose wisely. Please don’t fall for unemployed actors who have a camera and a mobile photo studio.  Actress Rebekka Mueller can only recommend that.